Monday, May 31, 2010

excess information

A casual scribble

When in Garbyang I realize how much little information we get about the world outside of our village. I read somewhere that the information contained in a single edition of New York Times today is more than the knowledge accumulated by a person in his entire lifetime, living in the 17th Century.
I don’t know whether to feel pity or feel happy for our people back there. Infact when in city I find it impossible to keep track of all the things happening around me. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shot at last evening, West Bengal train attacks, Attacks at a mosque in Pakistan, train accidents, Dantavada Naxal problem, Bihar Govt changes blah blah. So many official and personal email every morning, new friends on the facebook. Infact I have almost stopped reading the four newspapers that arrive on my desk every morning besides the one that comes to my house. In fact I am unable to keep pace with the way the things are progressing.
Maybe it is a case of overflow of information becoming my excuse for not actually making an effort to keep up with whats going on – because its a convenient escape route.
Not keeping in touch with friends because we are too busy, not writing enough emails like we used to send letters earlier. Each one same exuse.
When in city you are suddenly busy and you can not miss those emails, you have to reply to them and then you have to take and make all those important calls and attend those meetings. Go back home, you have hardly anything to do, except attend the shimi tankho, sai thoumo, socializing etc.
So relaxed.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

matheran trip

Matheran is a hill station near Mumbai. It is also the smallest hill station in Inia located on the wetern ghats ( 800 mtrs). It is one of the few places in the world where vehicles are not allowed. It is eithe horses, foot or man pulled rickshaw. There are several designated lookout points known with different names ( we did not go to all though ). echo point, sunset point ityadi.
Last weekend we ( poonam, yingai and me ) suddenly decided to make it there.
We started in the morning on Saturdy 22nd May from Malad MUMBAI, took a cool cab ( approx 2000 bucks including the toll tax you pay on the highway ). We reached there in about 3 hours. One thing everyone must note is while negotiating a cab from mumbai you must say that you would like to be dropped at MATHERAN and not Neral. Neral is like what dehradun is to Mussoorie. And because of the taxi union over there the taxis from mumbai have some problem taking you to the top. I somehow fought with the cab driver and made him take us to the top. Though we had to pay the cab fare Rs. 250.
From the taxi stand at matheran the town is little too far and you would like to go there on a horse and not walk because you dont know the way. It takes good 1 hour to reach town and the horses can be negotiated at Rs. 300 each for dropping you in town. There are several resorts but you must book yours before arriving there. I had been there earlier also and stayed in a small resort away from town and had to spend a lot on horses. This time round we stayed at a hotel in the heart of the town KUMAR PLAZA, little expensive though Rs 5300 for a night that too their smallest room ( including all meals buffet ). There was a small swimming pool.
After washing we took a walk around town. It does look like a hill resort, with those toy shops, small video game parlours and dice games where one can gamble on the road side.
My son rather chose to ride around town so we hired a horse for him to move around ( 400 bucks ). Till late, we were gambling and we reached back to the hotel to watch the puppet show for the kids etc. We booked three horses for next day.
Next morning the horse wala was there early morning. I woke up but the other two were totally tired and did not get ready until 9:30. We headed for those points we were told. The horses Came in for Rs. 800 each for half a day. We went to echo point "shouted" heard echoes. We went to the dam - no water. Yingai did chhota valley crossing. Then we went to the big valley crossing. It looked very dangerous but there was a team of experts over there with ropes properly tied. The vlley must have been a good over 200 meters. Depth may be 500 meters. ( 300 bucks each )
Came back to town booked a cab for back home, horses releived . had lunch. walked around town, gambled etc. Back on horses to the taxi stand ( 300 each ). Took a cab (2K)back to Malad and reached late in the evening.
It was fun

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All is well

Hi I haven't been writing for quite some time. Today I was just passing by this page and I remembered the login id and password. So I thought might as well drop a few lines here.
To all those who care. I am doing well. All is well.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ultimate Revenge

It was a usual day at work.The daily prayer and morning exercise was over. All the workers and officers were heading to their departments or shop floors and I was heading towards my department.Just around the Engine Assembly Hall Mr Gupta appears. I must have mentioned earlier somewhere, Mr Gupta was the chief of Project Engineering Department.When there were people, all moving towards their departments, I was wondering why this fellow was standing there as if waiting for me.And wait he did for me I realised the very next moment.“You” – he yelled at me which was rather audible to all the people who were moving towards their departments as I was.I was zapped, why would he call me like that, he knew my name and we had interacted so many times.“Come here” – he saidI had to go.“Where is the translation job that I had asked you to do, and how many days has it been?”– he asked“Sir, I thought since everything was understood, I did not feel the need to do it” – I answered“Who the f_ _ _ do you think you are to decide which document is important and which is not” – the way he said this was a bit louder and it was definitely embarrassing.I was still wondering why was he talking to me like that in front of all the people who were moving towards their department when this could be talked in isolation also.Let me first tell you what was the document that he was asking.Last month we had a project review meetings of the next motorcycle model that was to be launched. They called it P-30. The meeting was held with around 25-30 participants and the Japanese Technical Director along with his team of technical advisors was heading the meeting.I was the translator explaining the developments being briefed by Mr Gupta’s team to the Japanese Technical Director.Simultaneously I was taking note of things Mr. Gupta said and all this I was writing on a screen in Japanese Language for my bosses.After the meeting was over. Mr. Gupta was sitting alone and waiting for further instructions and the Japanese team was discussing a few things. I guess since he had nothing to do, he called me to his side and said “Take a print out of what ever you wrote on the board and translate it in English and give it to me”.“But sir these are the things that I wrote from what you just told me” – I argued“I still need it – translate it and give it to me for record” – he insisted“Fine Sir” – I agreedA few days later Mr Gupta had been called to Japanese Department by one of the technical advisors.I was busy talking to the chief of heat treatment plant on behalf of the technical director on a table at the corner. Since there was no other translator Mr. Gupta was made to wait in the adjacent room which Japanese people called a guest hall, but it was way too small and was capable to seat only four people.After some time when I was free I went to Mr.Yoshida – Technical Advisor and took him to the guest hall.Mr. Gupta was waiting there.Meeting began and ended. Yoshida went back to his seat.After meeting on our way back, Mr. Gupta cornered me and asked me about the translation job that he had given me.“Sir actually I have been very busy lately because of the breakdown in the other plant I have to go there also, that is why all the desk job is pending” – I said“You can sit in the evening and work late or take it home” – he continued“I agree sir, I will definitely do it today sir” – I said“See you sit till late tonight or do what ever but it should be on my table aaj ki tarikh may – on this date” – He was fuming.I did not understand why he was so angry. He should not have done that.It was a small job actually putting English words against those Japanese words written by me.I did it on that very print out sheet. But failed to deliver it to him.Now come back to this morning.Prayer and exercise was over and everybody was moving towards their department but I was blocked by Mr. Gupta who did not seem happy.“Sorry sir, actually I did the job the moment you told me but I could not place it on your table because I had to suddenly leave the factory to go to the other plant with one of the technical advisors” – I said“Look, don’t try to screw around with me – OK. I can throw you out of the organization. You get that.” – This was equally loud and audible to all the people who were slowly moving towards their departments.I was zapped, and the people who were all moving towards their department were also zapped at what just happened. I quietly moved on.It was like everyday at my department. All the Japanese sat on a circular table and drank black coffee. I avoided sitting with my bosses for two reasons, one they normally talked obscene subjects and I found it embarrassing two I did not like black coffee and milk was not allowed to come in the Japanese room.I went straight to my seat searched for Mr. Gupta’s papers and had it sent to his office.Then as I sat, I thought over what happened. I did not like it. I knew he could have avoided it. There was no reason to make it such a large issue and make me feel so bad and that too right at the beginning of the day.At the same time I pitied his position because he did not know what I could do to him. And what I could do to him is much worse that throwing some one out of the organization. Much worse that warning to be thrown out of organization in a loud voice that too in front of so many people who were walking towards their departments after the morning prayer and exercise.I decided Mr. Gupta will have to pay.Outside in the factory and the corporate office there were problems.The recently launched motorcycle was not selling in the market even though it was the largest ever-sold model in the world – called the Honda CUB worldwide and STREET in India.Marketing people were doing market research to find out why it is not selling and coming up with suggestions from sales department. These were then being discussed with the Japanese team.There were several meeting of the marketing people with the design specialists of Japan. The Japanese Technical team was very upset because manufacturing defect is not acceptable at all. The Technical Director was very upset he called the departmental heads of the related components where defects were found and gave them good firing. I was all the time instrumental in this firing exercise.My Japanese Boss i.e. the Technical Director and I had a very good understanding which was built over two years after working closely with him. I was very used to his style, in fact without listening to him I could tell what he wants to say. He also liked my style because my translation used to be relevant to the situation. This is the reason why it was only me who accompanied the Technical chief in all his meetings.Let me narrate one of the meetings at an ancillary unit in a close by location. There were faults in a welded component of the motorcycle called arm swing. It is a very important part of a motorcycle and for this the technical chief decided to go and see the situation himself.The President of the Vendor company was at the gate, obviously scared because there was some component defect reported.We went to the shop floor and the technical director saw the entire process from start to finish observed a lot of things and then we went to the meeting room.The production manager and his engineers are called. All the valuable tips about welding techniques and faults observed are explained through me.After the Technical people next is the meeting with the President.The meeting begins and my boss starts on a serious note and talks in Japanese that may not sound nice when told in english. I took charge of the moment because I knew this factory belonged to one of the group companies and the fellow in front of us was related to the chairman of our company.“Listen to what I have to say with your ears open – OK” – Boss says“You must have realized the matter is very serious” – I translate“Yes sir, Yes Sir” – He replies ( that is what should have been the reply of the hard tone message which my boss gave )“The quality that I saw is so bad that we might have to review the procurement agreement if it is repeated. Do you understand !” – My boss saysI know, being a group company the procurement can not be stopped from here, the only thing possible is the quality can be improved.“The technical people have been sounded about the defects, please ensure that you personally take interest in ensuring that remedies are implemented” – I translated.The reply was again “Yes Sir” my boss was content. He must have thought he just scared the shit out of the fellow in front of him and perhaps that was the best way to get it done. But I knew that way it wouldn’t have worked.What I am trying to say is, even though the Japanese may be right in his way of speaking but I tried to maintain the conversation in such a way that the meeting results to a meaningful exercise.Many a times when he would furiously shout at some vendor and might say things that I did not understand I never went back by asking what he is saying unless it was something technical. I would go ahead and make my own sentence to that effect.In any impromptu address that he may be requested to give to the workers of the factory. It used to be actually my impromptu speech rather than his. Many a times, seriously, I did not understand a single word in his sentence. But I always said something that would definitely result in claps by the audience. In a worker speech, I would normally begin by appreciating the achievement of the factory and call upon their further support to continue to be the number one company blah blah blah.That perhaps impressed my boss that I always understood the situation and took the conversation/speech ahead without abrupting his flow and disturbing his speech.
Suddenly everyone was busy for two reasons first the recently launched world’s largest selling model was not selling in India and second the technical director was not satisfied with the recent quality update.The bigger problem is yet to come.It seems the P-30 i.e. next project the new model is delayed. This is a very critical issue from the Technical Director’s Point of view because he will be answerable to the Board. The design team has not been able to do its job and the components to be indigenized, were yet to be finalized. Importing was ruled out.The next review meeting was only a week later. The technical director did not know about the project. He is too occupied with the quality control for which he might have to hear from his bosses. So he was working hard to save his position.If the project is delayed then it will be the last nail in the coffin, he might be sent back to Japan for incapability to manage project and quality.He does not yet know about the project being delayed.The project engineering department, with one of my friends in there, was working seven days a week and till late hours. And he was the one who leaked this information to me.Hell broke loose when the Japanese Technical Team came to know about this big failure in the project Engineering Department.Nothing could be done.The technical director and his advisors hold a meeting at the Japanese room. They decide to prepone the review meet to understand the situation so that the facts are better understood to be presented before the Joint Managing Director next week.The meeting is called.All departmental heads ( Paint Shop, Press Shop, Welding, Head-Treatment, Frame Assy, Engine Assy, etc. ) and the key members of the Project.These people were the very same people who quietly move towards their departments after the prayer and exercise in the morning at the factory.Mr. Gupta is damn scared. But he does not know how are the Japnese Technicians feeling at this moment.Only I knew and I had the right to share that info or keep it to myself.In the meeting of Japanese people it was decided that they will take it easy and motivate the indian engineering team to work harder to achieve the target rather than scold or reprimand. Only I knew that.I further made the engineering people scared by sending a message through my friend in their department that the Technical Director will tear open the Project Engineering Department and that is the reason why he has called this urgent meeting. And heads will roll was the message I made sure made rounds in the Project Engineering Department.I knew Mr. Gupta would be shitting in his pants on his seat in his cabin.He deserved it and it was my turn.They were all in. I was in the usual place, standing near the board with my pen.There was silence and the technical director starts in humble tone.“You all know why we have gathered today” – T D says“The matter is very serious and some heads must roll” – I translate I had to.“Mr Gupta you have the largest responsibility now because you have to use your experience to get us out of this situation” – T D says“Mr Gupta you are the most irresponsible person I have seen. There are many more engineers who I see are much capable than you. How on earth could you delay the project and not keep us informed” – I had to translateI went on to translate many more things in as embarassing language that I can. You will not believe I even told him that I could throw him out of the organisation. By the end of the meeting I was the most satisfied man around.Mr Gupta in front of all the people who he must have warned to throw out of the organization being scolded by the technical director of the company (me) must have felt like melting right there when I created so much embarrassment for him.All this could be avoided had he been more humble by talking to me in person rather than speak in loud voice in front of so many people who were going to their respective departments after the morning prayer and exercise.My friend knew what I was doing.It seems he leaked this to his collegues and it went to Mr. Gupta’s ears.What could he do, the damange was done. I felt more happier that he knew what I had done to him.I do not know what happened to the project because I left that organization for further studies a few months after I had scolded who I had to

My boring Stories

My boring stories -Blog has made it easy to share short stories that I keep writing. Well earlier I used to write them and send to my friends (whether they read or not). These stories were stored in any PC, and I normally forgot where I kept them and they would get lost with some virus problem in the compu.Now I think i will be able to share my write ups and perhaps learn to write from the blogs that I read. Normally I write in the form of a letter rather than a discriptive story. Most of the times it is monotonous, but I will have to share my stories even if you guys dont like it. kya kare I want to learn to write some good stories and insha allah I will some day, but till then you guys will have to read all the crap that i write. I am sure in the older years I will definitely feel great reading my blogs from this site.

Thursday, October 06, 2005



My first cousin, Ganesh is deaf. It is not by birth but it is due to negligence on part of his parents who did not take proper care when he was a young Ganesh and had some infection in his ears due to the colours that went into his ears during the HOLI festival.
Ganesh and I did not spend much time together when we were young and he could hear. Later I went for schooling to mussoorie and he went to delhi to a school for deaf. He had summer holidays and I had winter vacation. Our timing did not match and we did not meet much till he finished his schooling and came to Pithoragarh to degree college.
That was when I was in high school.
During his college days we met more often, initially it was very difficult to converse with him but gradually we developed our own sign language. He did teach me the standard sign language used by deaf but I found my own signs rather easier and we went on to make more of our own personal signs and kept following that, and still do today.
People may call him deaf or the certificate that he has of being deaf and dumb may call him physically handicapped, but I think he has a sharp mind and a lot of sympathy.
He is sharp because he was able to graduate from a normal degree college where normal people also fail but he finished his Bachelor’s degree in three years flat. Though he did fail in a couple of subjects but reasons were different. Once he studied till late and with his door latched from inside no body could wake him up in the morning, he missed the exam to fail and had to appear in that paper again. That was Kumbhkaran Ganesh.
In my day to day interactions with several people, I come across so many people wise and dumb. The rarest of the dodos are also entertained by me because I am a financial advisor and it is my business to serve my investors. By the way do you know what a dodo is. Well for the people who do not know I must mention, dodo – an extinct variety of bird is the national bird of Mauritius. I think they could not fly. They vanished from earth because whenever somebody pointed the gun towards a dodo, I am told, it used to happily run towards the shooter unlike other birds or animals who run away.
Well with so many dumbos and dodos around I feel little bad when people refer to my cousin Ganesh as LATO or TOLYA. I have quite a few times objected to people addressing him with such a name but gradually I realized I could not stop so many people. So today when people talk to like “Gani hya, ati lato thinjyalo kha shungta”, I feel bad. This type of a question coming from an unemployed person makes me feel still worse. I must say, today Ganesh is placed with the North Eastern Railways in a clerk’s position and lives a very respectful life in a official residence.
Can one dare to say “TOTLA” to a lisping guy. “Langda” to a guy without a leg. I think that would be foul language. These days I see that a polio affected person or any such defective body is not called handicapped, he is referred to as a physically challenged or differently abled person, I guess it is because one does not want to hurt the person emotionally, thus a more respectful way of speech.
That is in English, but we do not have such provision in our rung language, a deaf is a LATO, a dodo is a LATO, a dumbo is a LATO, a crazy man is also LATO.
I am happy Ganesh can not hear people address him as a LATO. He only knows he has one of the best brains among us and thinks people respect him for that.
I believe in miracles. Since Ganesh is not naturally deaf, only the fine film over the ear drums was affected thus his hearing ability was impaired. I read somewhere that through artificial scientific drums his lost ability can be reinstated. What if he starts hearing again. How will be feel when he will hear people call him LATO. Oh, didn’t I mention he was very sympathetic, he will not mind. Though he does not hear but he sure does see so many physically challenged people around, who only pose as normal but do have some very serious deficiencies. Well, let us take a look at ways in which we can address these normal people.

Horizontally challenged

Vertically challenged

Cosmetically different

Morally different

Chronologically gifted

Chemically Inconvenienced

Sobriety Deprived

Emotionally different

Uniquely Co-ordinated

Non Traditional Shopper
Shop Lifter

Sunday, May 08, 2005

investigative media

If we look at investigative media working these days. I feel there are a few important issues that must be taken care of.
Presently media is independent in india there is no state regulation of any kind and it is a healthy sign for any democracy.
However media must understand their role in a more responsible way and work accordingly. Recently there were some sting operation on shakti kapoor and aman ( film TV personaly) on casting couch, however many people have on camera spoken about it in negative taste as interfereing private lives, indecent, cheat, untrue etc. If such kind of activities are being done as seen today to increase a channels TRP only then I think this is absolutely improper of the press working in a very selfish way. The important thing is if by any chance for various reasons a lot of complains are filed at the court and the govt comes in to set up rules which will make media work in a very restricted way, it will be total caos. Therefore media must work in self regulated way, to avoid any kind of problem in future.
In india there are hazaar issues or scandals which are much larger than sex scandals. Media must take the responsibility of exposing the people who hold power and misuse it, like tehelka did in arms procurement case. If sting operations of tehelka type do not remove corruption fully, it will atleast have a fear in mind of the these power holders from accepting bribes.
I really second tejpal's (tehelka chief) opinion which he expressed last evening on The Pooja Bedi show o ZOOM.


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Narayan Narayan

Happened to visit a tibetan gomba (monastry) last weekend with my family.
Even as I waited for our turn to meet HH the Ningma Lama, a large number of thoughts poured into my mind and I started thinking about all the holy shrines I visited in the country during various stints at different locations.
I have visited Tirupati Balaji, Gangotri, Yamnotri, Jagannath Puri, Badri Nath, Meenakshi temple, sun temple, Sai temple Shirdi, mahabalipuram and a lot of those religious places.

Somehow the real feel of devotedness to the lord is missing in almost every place that I went. Even the priests look for "MOTA MURGA" as they stand at the gate and look at the devotees walking into the temple.

I would narrate a similar incident during my visit to Puri.
I entered the gate and a bald priest welcomed me and directed me to bow at a few statues here and there. Then he escorted me to one small room where a man sat on a desk with a receipt book. The fellow told me to pay for temple fund. I said I would rather go to the main shrine. He insisted and it was really bad I must say. Finally when I did not give anything he said OK lets go to the temple, there again he took me to a window where again one guy with a receipt book was collecting money ( there was no one else except me). He said if I wanted special parsad then I must pay there and get the prasad on producing this receipt at the prasad window. I again said a big NO.
It was really horrible with the way he was irritating me. I got rid of him, bought some prasad and batti and entered the main shrine. Huge rush, half of them bald pandits looking for devotees to get some daan dakshina. One such pandit hit me on my head with a bamboo stick as a gesture of blessing and put forward his left palm for daan dakshina to my amazement. I had five bucks ka coin and i gave it to him. He went furious and put that coin right back into my palm and raised his fist in anger and said a few things which I could either not hear or not understand cos of language. But it was clear that he was angry that I gave him five bucks only which was way below his standard.
What to say.
Narayan Narayan